Facebook Marketing Course

Advanced Facebook Marketing Course

Learn with our Facebook Marketing Specialist on how to:

  • Advanced Target Audience Research: Identify & target your core audiences by ACCESSING & FILTERING IMPORTANT DATA like location, age, educational level, job position, workplace, gender, interest, language and relationship status
  • Research & analyse your competitors’ followers and their fan page profile
  • Research & analyse your competitors’ post and campaign results
  • Laser Targeting – Create Facebook Ad Campaign THE RIGHT WAY, do PRECISE TARGETING, stop wasting your Ad budget on non-targeted/ irrelevant audiences!
  • Learn how to do Leads Generations through Facebook Ads
  • Learn how to do Facebook Contest / Survey
  • Leverage on Custom Audiences & Look-alike Audiences to reach out to more targeted audiences
  • Do RE-TARGETING with Facebook Pixel to increase lead generation/ sales (You must have experienced: Sometimes you visited certain website but didn’t buy anything from there, the Ad keep following you on Facebook! That’s exactly what RE-TARGETING does!)
  • Analyse your Facebook Ad results through Facebook’s Report/ Insight, Google
  • Analytics and other tracking resources.


You’ll also learn:

  • Why your Facebook Ads always reach the non-targeted audiences (in fact lots of foreigners engage with your Ad even through you set your geo-targeting to be in Singapore!)
  • Important key facts of Facebook: Facebook wall structure, frequency of organic reach, etc..
  • Content strategies for your Facebook Fanpage
  • Useful tools & resources to help you with your Facebook Ad management
  • Resources and references that you can access for continuos-learning after the 1-Day training course

Course Settings

Course Fee: SGD 580 per student

Course Duration: 1-Day (10am – 5pm)

Class Size: Maximum 40 students per class

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Teaching & Learning Style: Lecture + Hands-on Practical + Common Mistakes + Case Studies + Q&A/ Consultation

Designed for: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs/ Self-Employed, Digital Marketers, Sales & Marketing Directors/ Managers/ Executives, Property Agents, Insurance Agents, University Students, and individuals who are interested in exploring Facebook Marketing

Prerequisite: own a Facebook Personal Account + Facebook Business Page

Student to bring: Laptop + Adaptor + Jacket