Here are your concerns, read before you scroll..

To-date, we have helped over 500+ businesses in Singapore with our web design and development services, and have concluded several important things for you to take note.

Before reading further, let’s first understand what you need to know here.

Fast Speed

Regardless of how beautiful or practical your website is, you want your website to load within 3 seconds. Else your target audiences will just leave you without having the chance to read on your info!

UI/UX Design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Designs are both equally important. UI decides the aesthetic part, UX decides how functional and practical your website is.


Site Security should be your first priority in developing a website. Regular malware scanning, code scanning, suspicious IP blocking, limit login attempt are few of the important elements that could minimise your risk from being hacked.


You are advised to perform monthly inspections on website’s functionalities and updates of your CMS version (if the site was developed using CMS platform). Engage a reliable web design agency for long-term technical support on website and web hosting-related issues, that’ll save you a lot a lot of trouble.

SEO Ready

Google Search is one of the very important source of website traffic. In website development, you need to have SEO in mind even from the very first stage of business analysis. At least, define your target keywords and implement basic on-page SEO during the development stage, and make sure that the structure of the website is mobile friendly and SEO friendly.


Having a wonderful website without traffic is just like opening your beautiful showroom in Jurong Island. A LOT OF BUSINESS OWNERS THINK THAT THEY’LL START EARNING FORTUNE AFTER HAVING A BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE! Your website won’t serve you any purpose without enough traffics. After defining your right target audience, digital marketing has to come in to bring you traffic.

Data Analytics

After having the website up and running, you definitely need to monitor the traffic condition from time to time. Through data analytics, you know exactly which are the channels/ sources of traffic, what are the user behaviour, how are the traffic flows, etc.., which are crucial information for you to improve your performance online.


Lastly, of course you are concerned about how much to spend (reasonably), to build yourself a well performing website. Please feel free to speak to us, we’ll be able to advise after understanding your business model and direction.

Take your website
to the next height

iPro Dezign offers growth-driven creative web design services which will help your business in:

  • Enhance online presence
  • Attract visitors from diverse demographics
  • Increase revenue
  • Implement brand strategy and build a big name over the internet
  • Invite investors and golden opportunities

CMS Web Design

Deployed on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.. Content Management System (CMS) are great for creating small scale to medium size business, content-driven, and professional corporate websites.

Why develop your website with CMS?

  • Centralised System – allows publishing, editing and modifying the content of a website from a central interface to all the authorised users.
  • Easy for non-technically minded – No (or minimal) technical knowledge required to manage and maintain the site on you own;
  • SEO friendly – Best practices for search engine optimization like meaningful URL’s, inclusion of page titles, correct metadata etc.. make on-page SEO easier to perform;
  • Low Cost – Some Content Management Platforms like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal are open source while for others minimal cost can be incurred.

Customized and Highly Personalised Web Design

We highly recommend customized and highly personized websites for building complex projects including:

  • Online booking platform
  • E-commerce Marketplace
  • Location tracking platform
  • Government Portal
  • Web Portal
  • Business Directory
  • Live Alarm Systems

The reason being the customized websites are scalable, secure and can be well integrated with modern functionalities to add more features and enhance the capabilities of the website.