How brands should leverage chatbots


Every industry today is connected to another industry in one way or other. The actions of one affect the others in a variety of ways. The same correlation can be seen in digital marketing and artificial intelligence.

The emergence of these technologies has really affected the way marketing is done today. The emergence of AR platforms (Pokemon Go, Snapchat) and chatbots has given another reshape to advertising and communicating with customers.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots is a software used to automate the conversation with users of a website in the most convenient and modest way possible. It is a great way to build brand awareness and update your customers about what’s been going on your company. ( The new product you’re about to launch or any other related update)

According to Business Insider, the chatbot industry is estimated to be 1.23 billion dollars by 2025. And by 2020 will be talking more to chatbots than our spouses. These stats clearly mention that people love to communicate with chatbots as compared to customer service humans.

Also, when we put a chatbot between a customer and our product the conversation is short, clear and satisfying. So as a good digital marketer it is extremely important to understand the potential of chatbots and should know how to leverage it for brands.

Some of the brands who are leveraging the chatbots in the best way are:

  • Starbucks
  • Dominoes
  • Facebook

Click here to see some examples / case studies of chatbots for WordPress Web Design.

So, how should brands leverage chatbots? Let’s discuss this in the next section.

Leveraging chatbots effectively

Using chatbots is purpose-specific and depends on what the brands want its customers to know about. Be it selling your product online or offering digital services with the help of artificial intelligence. It is more about the story your brand wants to tell its customers.
Below are some ways to use chatbots effectively:

  • Reduce costs
  • Follow the trend
  • Understand your customers and promote according to their interests

Let’s understand them one by one:

Reduce costs
Analyze your business model and look for opportunities where you can cut cost with the help of chatbots. Chatbots can be effectively used in providing customer care services or taking orders from your customers. They’re also best to promote services and handle basic queries.

For example, Dominoes and Vodafone have saved thousands of dollars and customers time by investing in chatbots which can handle customer orders and service them effectively.

Follow the trend
By analyzing how other brands are leveraging chatbots. Brainstorming questions like:

  • What is the strategy of “X company” using chatbots?
  • How to provide effective communication with the help of chatbots?
  • What can be done to make the conversation more human with chatbots?
  • Where we can use chatbots more effectively?

By asking yourself the relevant question, you can plan a great strategy to market your brand with the assistance of chatbots.

Understand your customers and promote according to their interests

At IPRO DEZIGN, renowned web design and SEO marketing agency in Singapore, we believe that sales and marketing is 80% about studying behavior and 20% about taking the right action.

Using chatbots to study customer behavior is a great way to build your following and diversify them depending upon their interests.  This is indeed a great strategy to promote your brand to the customers who are highly interested in your product.

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