Local SEO is crucial for businesses today as intent search queries are increasing day by day and will continue to grow in the coming years. Please see the screenshot below:

You can see that approx 1000 people are searching for the keyword “cafe in Singapore”. This means if your brand comes on the 1st page of Google can provide exposure to 1000 more people about your business. In this way, you can increase your customer base with the help of targeted digital marketing.

Below are benefits depicting why it is important for brands to invest in local SEO marketing:

  • Local SEO is region-specific targeting
  • Local SEO helps in establishing brand credibility
  • It is easy to execute as compared to worldwide SEO
  • Local SEO is budget-friendly

Let’s explore them one by one:

Local SEO is region-specific targeting

When you search for keywords like “plumber near me”, “house helper near me” or “baby sitter near me” Google will show you the required business listings located in your area. This means indirectly you’re getting a brand exposure to different visitors who are searching for that keyword.

And the best thing about it is that the listings vary with the location, that means:

  • Results for “plumber near me” in Singapore is completely different than “plumber near me” in Vietnam.

So, one keyword doesn’t affect the other same keyword due to location boundaries. So how to leverage local SEO and get more customers:

  • Get your small business a website, where the visitor can find everything about your brand (history, overview, services, pricing, etc)
  • Set up a Google My Business page and verify it
  • Boost your ratings and rankings by building backlinks and citations from other brands in your region
  • Register your business on relevant directories in your region

In this way in no time, you can boost your sales and scale up your business.

Local SEO helps in establishing brand credibility

Local SEO helps users to know basic details and review of your brand. This helps them understand your services and also your brand reputation in the local market.

For example when your search IPRO DEZIGN on Google you’ll find our business listing on the right side: (See the screenshot below:)

It helps our visitors to know basic details like:

  • Opening hours
  • Address
  • Contact
  • Link to our website
  • Directions to our location
  • Our ratings and reviews

The above metrics are good enough to establish brand awareness in the market and help our customers in the best way possible.

Local SEO is easy to execute as compared to worldwide SEO

By simply setting up a website, making a Google My Business Page and building backlinks your Local SEO is ready to go. On the other side, SEO takes time as it involves:

  • Content Marketing Strategy ( for distributing relevant content on different channels)
  • Social Media Marketing (for getting social signals, traffics and shares)
  • Link Building ( To establish trust )

So it is easy to execute Local SEO as compared to traditional SEO.

Local SEO is budget-friendly

The best thing about Local SEO is that it is budget-friendly as compared to traditional SEO marketing. The reasons for this are:

  • The CPC is low for region-specific keywords ( in the first example, the CPC for the keyword: cafe in Singapore is just $0.12)
  • There is low competition as the brands are competing with other brands located in the same region
  • If local SEO seems difficult for high competitive keyword one can opt for paid advertising also which is convenient and easy to manage

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to connect with us if you need any help in local SEO.

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