Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is basically the process of optimising a website, to achieve high organic ranking in Google Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). When you search for some keywords on Google, you may wonder why your competitors’ websites appear in the search results, but not your own website. That’s the effort of SEO.

As a Web Design Agency in Singapore, we always plan and implement every single web design project with SEO in mind. Before start working on web design, it is important that we carry out Keyword Analysis, keywords search volume and competitor analysis, so that your SEO effort starts from day one of your website development. If your keywords are not competitive, on-page SEO itself can already rank your website on Google Page 1.

Following are some of our portfolio in helping clients (and ourselves) to achieve Page One Ranking in Google organic search results:

LA PUTRI PTE LTD – We’ve helped our client to rank her jewellery website on Google Page #1 for several major keywords: Bespoke Jewellery Singapore, Custom made Jewellery Singapore, Fine Jewellery Singapore, 新加坡珠宝品牌, Engagement Rings Singapore, Where to buy engagement rings in Singapore, etc..

Our client’s Online Chocolate Store has secured Page #1 ranking for several major keywords including Online Chocolate Shop, SG Online Chocolate Shop, etc.. The ranking is in fact higher than most of reputable brands locally and internationally.

Another happy client, in about 6 months time, we have assisted the tech training company to rank more than 30 important keywords to Google Page #1. The website was initially found nowhere on the internet that the client couldn’t generate leads online.

This website has achieved Page #1 Number #1 for several engineering-related keywords, for example Blasting Mitigation Services. As the company is serving the niche market and the keywords are not competitive, the Page #1 ranking results were achieved simply through on-page SEO.

Raffles Tailor is one of the best Bespoke Tailor in Singapore, established since 1978. Although having a professional website, but the website was found no where on the internet before implementing SEO elements into the website. We are proud that we managed to assist Raffles Tailor to have their website ranked on page #1 for several keywords/ key phrases within 2 months time. The website is now ranked page #1 for the following high-search-demand keywords: Tailor Singapore, Bespoke Tailor Singapore, Bespoke Suits Singapore, Tuxedo Singapore, Wedding Suit Singapore and so on.

JPN is one of the leading construction machinery company in Singapore. It has successfully achieved page #1 ranking for more than 30 keywords / key-phrases, including the very competitive one.

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